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TBJ designed Metering Valves’ control Hydraulic and Pneumatic pressure and flow with the following solutions:

  • Metering by Proportional Solenoid Valve
  • Metering by PWM Solenoid Valve
  • Metering by Torque Motor Servo Valve

TBJ can optimize control and cost by selecting a solution that best fit the application.

Servo Valves are excellent metering solutions.  When all factors such as cost, size, and weight are part of the equation other avenues of design should be reviewed to optimize the solution.

Case Study

T38 Anti-Skid Brake Control required a small cost-effective package. The typical Servo Valve package could not be used because the space allowed for the Manifold, in the wheel well was less than would be required for the Servo Valve and Manifold package. A PWM Solenoid Valve was used for the Metering Control.

The Manifold package was reduced in size by 35% and the Manifold was fit nicely onto the aircraft.  There was also about a 20% cost benefit to the use of the PWM Metering solution.

In the final form runway, landing distances were reduced by 45%, and the operators were excited for the potential solution to be implemented.

TBJ is ready to optimize your requirement!

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